Peace Education
is a way of life

Humanize education and create

positive change within society.

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The titles below are examples of workshops that have been conducted over the years at many schools and universities in the United States, Middle East and Europe.

Our team of experts is ready to conduct workshops related to any of the domains and/or subjects within the list or any other topic of interest to you.
All proceeds will be donated to the Peace Education Society.

Workshop Titles
- Making Peace Education a way of life
- Integrating  Peace Education  within the curriculum
- Strategic Planning
- School Assessment
- Leadership & Management
- Classroom management
- Holistic Education
- Characteristics of effective schools
- Humor in the classroom
- Learning & higher level thinking
- The role of multiple intelligences and learning styles in the education process
- Lesson planning in a learner-centered environment
- Transforming institutions into a learner-centered environment
- Forging partnerships as a key ingredient in school effectiveness
- Making K through 16 a seamless transition
- Making critical and creative thinking a routine part of the learning process
- The role of technology in integrated and cross discipline learning
- Making your school ready for accreditation
- Creating a change ready educational establishment
- Integrating Peace Education within the strategic plan
- The role of portfolios in assessment
- Authentic assessment that promotes learners
- The role of total quality management in higher education
- Alternative teaching and assessment strategies