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Leadership and Holistic Education
Author(s): Dr. Nabil A. Husni

It is my hope that you will find this book inspiring, easy to read, and practical. It uses simple English and takes you on a journey which helps you reignite your humanity and become an effective and holistic educator. It is a must-read for students seeking to become educators, as well as experienced teachers and administrators. It is a book that will help educators make their “dream school” a reality. It will transform a school from a teacher/curriculum-centered institution to a learner-centered educational organization. It will transform teachers from academic instructors to holistic educational leaders. It will change administrators from “traditional” managers to motivating, inspiring leaders. In short, it will provide educators with the vision, values, strategies, and skills to reprogram their school to become a dynamic environment where all involved become empowered with a sense of ownership—an environment that allows every participant to play a leadership role—an environment where parents, students, teachers, and administrators become partners, working together to achieve

One vision, guided by a common mission and a set of specific values—an environment that ensures students and learners excel academically but more importantly, they learn to be human beings—an environment where learners become independent creative researchers, critical thinkers, and endorsers of peace education, tolerant, empathetic, and respectful positive change agents, and a major changing force for a better civilized and cultured nation.

On the practical side, the book begins with the end in sight. It introduces the concept of instantaneous change and describes the characteristics of effective students, teachers, and schools. It also highlights critical issues facing schools and educational organizations.

Secondly, it paints the big picture by introducing topics that are comprehensive in nature, such as strategic planning, enrollment management, leadership, humanity and inner peace, and stress management. It also introduces choice theory, the power of positive thinking, and the feasibility of seeing the good in bad times.

Thirdly, it captures all key concepts needed to ensure that the big picture is clear, meaningful, and achievable. These concepts include thinking levels, emotional intelligence (EQ), multiple intelligences, learning styles, peace education, and curriculum.

Fourthly, the book moves into the implementation stage. It covers lesson planning, the 10E’s of implementing lesson plans, teaching, learning, and assessment methods and/or strategies, and classroom management.

Finally, it introduces diverse strategies for evaluation and assessment and all the forms required in order to complete a comprehensive school review. Moreover, concluding remarks will be included to wrap up the book in addition to appendices filled with real and authentic examples to give each of you the ability to begin the change today and become the leader and educator you always wanted to be. Believe in yourself. Transformation is possible, and it begins with you. The time to start is now, and all you need is already within you. This book will simply guide you to discover and begin a new and beautiful journey as a holistic educator and a “true” human being.


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