Peace Education
is a way of life

Humanize education and create

positive change within society.

Our Mission

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Our Vision
Making peace education, with all its components which include Citizenship/Democracy, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Education, Health and Safety and Service Learning, an integral part of the educational process within schools, universities, and community and public organizations.

Our Mission
Humanize education and create positive change within society.

Our Values

SynergyThe working together of two or more organizations, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities
EmpathyThe ability to identify with and understand another person's feelings and difficulties
ResourcefulnessThe ability to take initiatives and solve problems skillfully
VigilanceWatchful and alert, especially to danger or to something that is wrong
AdvocacyActive support for cause, position or for people who have difficulty getting attention
NetworkingForging relationships with different people and cultures
ToleranceAcceptance of different views and the ability to endure difficult hardship

Our Goals
Serve as a Center for professional development for schools, universities, organizations and community members.
Develop publications for schools, universities, organizations and the community at-large.
Establish Peace Education curricula for schools and universities.
Facilitate dialogue between and among students or individuals from different regions, cultures and / or religions on key issues related to peace education.
Create a network of individuals and/or organizations to serve as the "Peace Education Society Friends" in order to promote national, regional, and international projects.
Promote Peace Education through a diversity of fields including culture, media, tourism, health, agriculture, sports, environment, and social issues.