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Humanize education and create

positive change within society.

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Dear Friends,

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same action over and
over again, expecting different results.
I believe it’s time to be sane. Traditional education has led directly and/or indirectly to raising generation after generation of close minded individuals, creating societies full of racism, sexism, and bigotry. Hence, war and destruction were inevitable.

We must reverse this trend by making Peace Education a way of life. We must humanize education by promoting Citizenship, Democracy, Human Rights,

Conflict Resolution, Environmental Education, Health and Safety, and Service Learning as key ingredients of the learning process in every school, university and organization. Although reversing this trend may seem very challenging, I am confident that through servant leadership, change is possible and creating a loving and caring community is within reach.

It’s time to arm our population with positive values and critical and creative thinking skills through the holistic development of every child.

I invite you to become a friend of the Peace Education Society, the road may be full of difficulties but I promise you the journey is worth taking.

I hope our vision will inspire you, our mission will give you energy and our values will serve as guiding principles in creating a network of peace educators capable of making a positive difference in the lives of every individual in our local and regional communities.


Nabil A. Husni, Ed.D
Founder and Servant

Leadership and Holistic Education Author(s): Dr. Nabil A. Husni

It is my hope that you will find this book inspiring, easy to read, and practical. It uses simple English and takes you on a journey which helps you reignite your humanity and become an effective and holistic educator. It is a must-read for students seeking to become educators, as well as experienced teachers and administrators. It is a book that will help educators make their “dream school” a reality. It will transform a school from a teacher/curriculum-centered institution to a learner-centered educational organization.

It will transform teachers from academic instructors to holistic educational leaders. It will change administrators from “traditional” managers to motivating, inspiring leaders. In short, it will provide educators with the vision, values, strategies, and skills to reprogram their school to become a dynamic environment where all involved become empowered with a sense of...